Why GMT Solutions?

Focus on the customer

The customers wants and needs should be the starting point of any Amazon optimization. By analyzing the market as well as your competitors we identify what your customer really wants and use this intel to your advantage.

Professional keyword reserach

Keyword research is a core component for success on Amazon. With the help of the best tools available and by using the data gained in our market/competitor analysis we identify the most important keywords for your product and use these for your optimization.

Sales psychology optimization

A product description should not only inform about the product but also sell the product. We are achieving this by using sales psychology techniques to optimize phrases and formulations which turn prospects into buyers.

ASIN Optimization


199 Base listing exists
  • Title
  • Bulletpoints
  • Produktbeschreibung
  • Backend Keywords
  • Creation without a base listing
  • Keyword/Competitor list for PPC
  • PPC strategy consultation (30min)


249 No base listing
  • Title
  • Bulletpoints
  • Product description
  • Backend Keywords
  • Creation without a base listing
  • Keyword/Competitor list for PPC
  • PPC strategy consultation (30min)


329 Pro ASIN
  • Title
  • Bulletpoints
  • Product description
  • Backend Keywords
  • Creation without a base listing
  • Keyword/Competitor list for PPC
  • PPC strategy consultation (30min)

How to place an order

The order process is simple:

• You send us the link to your product or in case of the “full optimization” you send us all the relevant product data and pictures (the more info we have the better).

• Within 24h we will send you an offer including the expected delivery time

• You confirm the offer.

• We will send you an order confirmation and invoice.

• We will delivery the order within the quoted time frame.

• You pay the invoice within 14 days after the order confirmation.

You are happy with your order? Let us know! We love to get feedback from our customers.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Your ASIN optimization is usually completed within 3 working days. Orders for “full optimization” can take up to 5 working days. The exact delivery time will be included in our offer.

We want all our clients to be happy with our services. That is why we offer one free correction based on your comments for each ASIN optimization order.

Yes, there is! If you order 10 ASIN optimizations you only have to pay nine and get one for free. For bigger orders please contact us for a custom quote.

The price quoted above is for the optimization of one parent ASIN. Each variation costs an additional 10-30€ depending on how many alterations have to be made.

Other services (in-house)

All services below are offered directly by GMT Solutions.

For these services we are your contractual partner.

Amazon PPC

Amazon Advertising is the most effective way to push sales of your product. We create high performing campaigns for you using the newest targeting and bidding strategies.

We can either optimize your existing campaigns or create them from scratch.

Brand Marketing

To be successful on Amazon in the long run you need to build a strong brand. We can both help you with the conceptual brand strategy as well as the practical implementation on Amazon.

This includes the registration of the brand on Amazon, the creation of Enhanced branded content and the creation of a brand shop for Amazon.

External Traffic / Chatbot

Amazon makes is relatively hard to communicate with your customers and build a lasting connection with them. That is why use a combination of Social Media Ads and a Chatbot follow-up to find potential customers for you and start a conversation with them.

That way you can not only generate sales but also get valuable insights on how your customers perceive your products.

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Other services (external)

All services below are offered by partner companies.

The respective partner company is your contractual partner.

Product photography

When the customer sees your product in the search results he will notice four different elements:

Title, price, reviews and title picture. For that reason the main product image has a big influence on whether the customer clicks on your product (click-through rate).

After the customer has clicked on the product your additional product pictures also strongly influence the buying decision and therefore conversion rate.

Therefore high-quality product pictures are always a good investment.


The core of the success of any e-commerce business lies in the sourcing of the products. If you don`t buy a high quality product at a competitive price all other measures won`t be as successful.

We have great long-standing contacts to India and China and can help you to find reliable suppliers from these countries.

We can also help you find solutions for the transport/import to Germany.

Logistics/Customer Service

Our partner teknihall Elektronik GmbH offers you a one-stop solution to your logistics and customer service needs. This includes storage, shipment to the customer, returns, repairs and telephone customer service.

Questions? Get in touch.

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